A properly installed and maintained sprinkler system helps promote  conservation through efficient water management. Our systems are  designed to minimize the amount of water you use and still keep your  lawn and landscape alive and healthy. 

 Conserving water saves you money.

 The following tips can help you do your part to live a more water-wise lifestyle. 

  • Make sure you know and follow your city's water conservation requirements. 
  • Adjust your sprinkling schedule to the changes in seasonal water demand. 
  • Don't over water; most lawns will stay healthy with only 1.5 inches of water a week. 
  • Buy a rain gauge to determine how much water your yard is receiving. 
  • Adjust your sprinklers so that only the lawn is watered, not the house, sidewalk, or street. 
  • Do not water on windy days. 
  • Turn off your automatic sprinkler system if it is raining. 
  • Water in the early morning to minimize evaporation. 
  • Mulch plants and trees to retain moisture and prevent evaporation. 
  • Have your sprinkler system checked regularly.