Choosing a Sprinkler System



How To Choose An Irrigation Sprinkler System 

Did you know that studies have shown that homeowners can expect a  7-18% increase in property value with the addition of a sprinkler  system? Experts agree that the increase in property value is not a  direct result of the sprinkler system but the curb appeal that the  sprinkler system creates. Green grass sells homes for more money.

If you are thinking of installing a sprinkler system for your home or  business, you may hesitate if you have seen how many offers and products  are on the market now. How are you going to choose the right irrigation  sprinkler system for your needs? 

In this article we will try to answer at some questions which arise when you are thinking to install an irrigation system.

Aren't all sprinkler systems the same?

With any product or service there are always different brands of  quality. Be careful, there are a lot of consumer grade products on the  market. Thinking that you would like to not repair your irrigation  system very often you should think at high quality products, as Hunter  for example. Hunter Industries is the world's leading manufacturer of  residential and commercial irrigation equipment, their products being  known worldwide for their exceptional features and performance.  Rainbird, Nelson, Toro, Weathermatic are other brands well known for  their quality too. All these products are latest technology, and this is  what you are looking for. But keep in mind that no matter how awesome  the technology is, it should be used as part of a complete solution in  order to be effective. Be sure that you know the right installation  procedures proven to ensure reliable and efficient performance.

Shall I install an irrigation sprinkler by myself?

Yes and ... no. If you do it yourself you will enjoy it (100% sure), you  will understand the system very well and it will be cheaper BUT it will  take longer time than if a contractor will do it for you, it will  require hard work and most probably you will not design and set up the  system as well as a long time experience contractor.

How long will it take to install a sprinkler system?

Depending on the system size and type, soil condition, time of the year,  the area type (hills area or with a lot of trees) it can take few hours  up 2 days. A residential area usually takes 1 day.

Should I think at the maintenance from the beginning?

Annually you will need to winterize your system against freezing. Look  for a company which provides this kind of services, which includes  blowing out the lines in the fall and then restarting the system in the  spring and any other necessary adjustments.

Will the installing procedures damage my lawn? How long it will take for it to recover?

Depending on the technology you use to install the sprinkler, your lawn  can be less or more damage. You will not need to worry about the mess  and the inconvenience caused by PVC pipe placement if you choose to have  a sprinkler system installed through trenchless technology.

How much a sprinkler system costs?

The irrigation sprinkler system's cost depends on few factors:

- The size of the yard - if you have a larger garden or a grass lawn,  you'll definitely need a good quality spray nozzle or sprinkler. For  small areas, the most efficient is rotary sprinkler that waters the lawn  from the tips of few spray arms that spin.

- The source of the water - wells or water city, local ponds or rivers,  all of them could be used as water source for an irrigation system. You  need to know the water pressure and flow rate; these are measured in a  different way for different water source.

- The concept of the system - depending on the zones of the sprinkler,  your system can be less or more expensive. For some yards it is  impossible to water all the area with the same sprinkler. The entire  area should be divided in zones in this case, and a pipe network should  be used.

- The type of the sprinkler system needed - it can be a low cost  sprinkler system (as little as $20) or a high price one. Of course you  get what you pay for. A low cost sprinkler usually wastes a lot of  water; require turning the water on/off manually and moving the  sprinkler around the yard to guarantee that entire area is properly  watered. On the other side, an automatic underground lawn sprinkler  system costs more, but it is completely programmable; what you have to  do is to set up the timings and the system will turn on/off the system  at certain times.